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Milestones at the Club and Individual level

Our club has been constantly contributing to The Rotary Foundation every year. Almost all our members are Paul Harris Sustaining Members since long back. We also have 19 existing PHF members with four double PHF member in our club.

The list of Paul Harris Fellows (alphabetically sorted first names) of Rotary Surat Riverside:

Rtn. PP Dr. Ajay Bhardwaj Rtn. Amish Malji
Rtn. Amit Adhiya Rtn. Anand Acharya
Rtn. PP Arvindkumar Rtn. Bankim Vashi (Double PHF)
Rtn. Dharmesh Shah Rtn. PP Divyang Parikh
Ann. Falguni Shinglot Rtn. PP Jayesh Dhamanwala
Rtn. PP Jugal Shinglot (Double PHF) Rtn. Dr. Kuldeep Desai
Rtn. PP Mukund Jariwala (Double PHF) Ann. Nita Dhamanwala
Ann. Priti Pandya Rtn. IPP Rajesh Patel
Rtn. Sanjay Pandya Rtn. PP Siddharth Shah (Double PHF)
Rtn. PP Sunil D’Souza (ex-member)

On 17/02/98, our charter president Rtn Jayesh Dhamanwala was awarded for his outstanding performance at the district conference. The award was given by our speaker guest of that evening Shri C.D.Kaushik - regional provident fund commissioner of South Gujarat. Rtn Jayesh did an excellent job as the charter president of RSR.

Our enthusiastic charter members: doctor Rtn Sunil D’Souza & Rtn Srinath Iyenger were awarded for their editorial activities for our bulletin RIVERSIDE RIPPLES. The awards were presented by our speaker guest of that evening – the regional provident fund commissioner of South Gujarat - Shri C.D.Kaushik, which were received at the Dist conference on 17/02/98.

Rtn Amit Adhiya along with 8-10 Riversiders registered at ‘SWAPNA SIDDHI’ – the intercity meet held at J.N. Tata Auditorium, Navsari on 4th October ’98. He won the ‘youngest registered delegate’ award among Rotarians from all over the district.

Rtn. Dr. Sunil D’souza was selected as the area coordinator for the District Sports and the inbound GSE team’s visit.
Edition 16 - December IIIrd week (1999-2000)
Ripples (4) 16

It is indeed a great matter of pride that two of our prominent members had been selected for higher responsibilities at the district level.

The Club President Rtn. Dr. Sunil D’souza was appointed as the GGR for Rotary Club of Surat, RC Udhna and RC Roundtown.

PP Rtn. Vishal Sinha was selected as Co-chairman for TRF information.

Kudos from all of us for this achievement.
Edition 23 - Feb 2nd week (1999-2000)
Ripples (4) 23

President Sunil announced that our club, with kind support from DG Prafull Bhai, could take pride to become 100% PHSM. A cheque was presented to the DG for the amount of membership as a Paul Harris Sustaining Member. Indeed it was another milestone in the long strides our club is sailing through. DG Prafullbhai appreciated the gesture and announced that our club is the second club in district to get this honour in the current year. He wished all success to our club in all endeavours. Very encouraging indeed. We owe this Herculean effort to Rtn. Siddharth Shah - Director International Services who has put in an enormous effort in achieving this laurel for our club.

Edition 28 March 3rd week (1999-2000)
Ripples (4) 28

Rtn. Dr. Sunil D’souza was invited by Rtn. Ray Muston, Governor Dist.6000, IOWA, to participate in the Rotary District Conference in Davenport, IOWA from 18th to 21st May, 2000 as a Guest Speaker along with D.G. Prafull and First Lady Harshida Bhatt.

Bulletin Edition 31 - 1st week April (1999-2000)
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Rtn Siddharth Shah - International Director of the club in 1999-2000 was given the Best International Director award in 2000-2001 for the club’s significant contribution to the TRF and active participation towards the international avenue.

In Mancon - the Dist.Conf. held on 21-23 Dec 2001, at Daman, hosted by RC Bulsar, RSR received the following awards

  • Action Con Conference Award to Conference Chairman - Rtn. Mahendra Kajiwala
  • Community Improvement Project Award
  • Action Certificate - For helping earthquake victims
  • Appreciation Certificate - For supporting TRF (donated $875)
  • Appreciation Certificate - For hosting Action Con
  • Governor’s Citation Award - For exemplary service to community through the 4 avenues of service.

Bulletin series 06/12/18 (2001-2002)
Ripples (6) 18

IPP Rtn Arvindkumar was appointed the Distrcit Chairman for Vocational Awards in the Rotary Year 2001-2002

Our club had nominated PP Rtn.Dr Sunil D’souza in 2001-2002 as one of the member in the nominating committee which nominates the District Governor when our club was in the category –C {where the club strength is below 37}. Out of 41 clubs in our district, 10 members had filed nominations for only 4 posts to be designated. For the four members to be selected, elections were held where in PP Rtn Dr.Sunil D’souza was elected as one of the members of the nominating committee, which will nominate the District Governor for 2003/04. This was a great privilege, enormous pride, sort of day-dreaming experience for our six-year-old young & small club which had successfully organized the District Conference a few months back.

In the district conference of 2002-2003, IPP Rtn Jugal Shinglot won the Regal Eagle award for excellence a Best President for his presiding year 2001-2002

Well Done done my friend says the RI Rep Jerry Barden & Mrs Barden while handing over the Best President Award to Rtn Jugal Shinglot for the Year 2001-02. IPDG Nilax joint hands to appreciate the awardee.

Rtn Ankur Marfatia too won the Regal Eagle award for excellence as Best Secretary in the district conference of 2002-2003 for his service year 2001-02

At the same conference Rotary Surat Riverside won the Presidential Citation as a distinguished Rotary Club for 2001-2002

Rotary Surat Riverside also won the District Governor’s Regal Eagle citation for 2001-2002 for the outstanding contribution made to demonstrate that Mankind is our Business.

At the same conference Rotary Surat Riverside won the Presidential Citation as a distinguished Rotary Club for 2001-2002

Rotary Surat Riverside also won the District Governor’s Regal Eagle citation for 2001-2002 for the outstanding contribution made to demonstrate that Mankind is our Business.

For 2001-2002, IPP Rtn Jugal Shinglot was given an appreciation award for active participation and dedicated contribution in Pulse Polio Immunization program.

The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award was given to IPP Rtn Jugal Shinglot for outstanding service in promoting TRF & its goal of World Understanding & Peace in 2002-2003.

Rtn Jugal Shinglot was also awarded an appreciation award as the able coordinator of RYLA-2002.

Kudos PP Rtn Jayesh Dhamanwala for being the Nominee from our club (which falls in the 40+ members i.e. group-B). He was elected to the nominating committee for electing District Governor 2005-06 (Ashis Roy)

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PP Rtn Jugal Shinglot was selected as the team leader of the IYE team. He led the team to a short term exchange trip to Dist 3130 Malaysia-Singapore in 2003-04.

Report on page 4 in Ripples (9) 3

At the district conference of 2006-07 at Jamnagar, IPP Rtn Divyang Parikh was awarded the outstanding President award for his presidential year 2005-06 among the category-B clubs where the membership strength is above 37.

Rtn. Dr. Sunil D’souza was felicitated as a past GSE member to Scotland in 1996, at the TRF Alumni meet organized by Rotary Club of Surat West.

Edition 16 - December IIIrd week (1999-2000)
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Our very own Rtn. Anand Acharya was unanimously selected from our club as a GSE Team Leader Nominee to the outbound GSE Team to Paris - Dist.1660. Ms. Tejashree Marfatia, an applicant through our club too had been selected as a GSE Team Member from our club.

Bulletin Edition: 19 Jan IInd week (1999-2000)
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President Rtn Arvind and Rtn Siddharth went to USA as Team Leaders of the New Generation Program in the Rotary Year 2000-2001. Their photographs also featured on the Rotary website under the news section as visitors from India.

Our club has been actively participating in GSE and once again this year (2001-02), we have selected a candidate for the outbound GSE team from our Dist 3060 to Dist 1190 - England in May 2002. The enterprising & dynamic candidate is Ms. Vaishali Patel who is from the media and is a prominent reporter of a local TV channel.

Bulletin Series 06/01/16&19 (2001-02)
Ripples (6) 16-19

Our very own Rtn. Jugal Shinglot had been elected as a stand-by to the Nominating Committee for the selection of the District Governor for the Rotary Year 2008-09

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Our dynamic PP Rtn. Jugal Shinglot was awarded the "Outstanding Rotarian of the District 2006-07" by IPDG Bipin Vadhar at the 38th District Assembly "Aakanksha" at Karnavati club, Ahmedabad on 30th December 2007.

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