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Permenant Project


Along with fellowship, the desire to do something substantial for the less privileged is one of the earliest goals of the Rotary movement. The desire to do something to improve the lot of our fellow beings is inborn in all of us. We need to create an environment for this feeling to be nurtured and expressed.

Project Theme:
In today's increasingly fast paced, stressed filled and sedentary lifestyle the simple act of going for a walk has gained tremendous popularity. It is increasingly recommended by doctors and is widely practiced by people of all age groups as a “one stop shop” for physical as well as mental therapeutic health. For those hooked on to it, come rain, wind or even a late night party the morning walk is a must. For the health conscious, the fitness freak and the casual stroller the act of going for a walk means.

(a) An ambience which blends with nature.
(b) Absence of pollution like, noise, dust, smoke and the fear of bumping into vehicle.
(c) Last but not the least a good quality walking strip.

Project In Brief

VEER NARMAD UNIVERSITY offers a splendid amalgam of the necessary conditions listed above with a unique location advantage. It has a sprawling and sufficiently large campus with a perimeter of about 6.2 kms. The project entails developing a walking strip along the inner periphery of the outer wall of the university campus.

Rotary Surat Riverside in association with Veer Narmad University proposes to initiate a project to fulfil the need of the community around. The final goal is to lay a world class walk-way with the best materials available, perhaps a synthetic one.

A wide variety of shady trees will be planted on both sides providing a canopy. Benches will be put at regular intervals for those wishing to take a breather. At specific points water coolers are proposed to be installed.

Financial Support

The initial seed capital for the walk way shall be provided by Rotary Surat Riverside. Unable to meet the capital for the entire project as well as the recurring expenses, the user community participation is a must.

Rotary Surat Riverside wishes to get as many people as possible to sponsor at least one tree whose name shall be displayed on it. Efforts are also on to solicit corporate sponsorship of trees.

Rotary Surat Riverside accepts full responsibility for the project and all it encompasses, fiscal or otherwise. Veer Narmad University shall be an active partner whose invaluable inputs will be welcomed. A perfect harmony and synchronization between the two is presumed and needless to say, is a necessary pre-condition for the success.

Update July ‘05

The Centennial project of building a walkway in the South Gujarat University Campus got started in June ‘04, and we have laid the foundation for the first 100 meters of this long term project. We intend to carry this to its logical conclusion.

Latest Update ‘07

The permanent project “Walker’s Paradise” has been completed to the tune of half a kilometre. The remaining stretch of some 51/2 kilometres now awaits sponsorship from the Individual User, Corporate and the Rotary World.


We solicit your contribution for the noble cause that will provide a paradise for morning / evening strollers in the form of this concrete walk-way. This also gives you an excellent opportunity to dedicate trees in the name of your departed beloved ones and thus ensuring a pollution free green world. Names of the donors will be displayed on the trees which are planted on both sides of the park.
For more details, please get in touch with

Rtn. Ravi Shah
B-1/501 Sanskrut Apt., B/s Rajhans Cinema,Piplod,Surat-395007
Mob: 98251 30040

Rtn. Raju Mehta
401-501 Riviera Apt., B/h Goverdhan Haveli, Dumas Road, Surat-395007
Mob: 93776 26400

Rtn. Dr. Ajay Bhardwaj
28, Adityanagar, Opp. Gharda Ghar, Vesu Road, Piplod, Surat-395007
Mob: 98251 26426

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We have adopted the Gram Panchayat School in the Vesu Village in the outskirts of Surat. The school houses some 320+ students from poor locality in and around the Vesu Village. In the past, Rotary Surat Riverside has donated ample of school supplies to the school children and has done many projects to improvise the infrastructure of the school. Click here to browse our Photo gallery to see the service projects undertaken at the school. Still much requires to be done as you can see from the images below.