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Vocational Awards

In October 98 at Checkmate Restaurant

With the help of Rtn. Arvind kumar and Rtn. Sunil D’souza, we could present vocational awards to 2 persons for achievement in their respective fields of teaching and corporate word.

Awards were presented at the hands of PDG David Holmes of Dist. 1010 - Scotland who was our guest on that day. Awardees were:

  • Yerushaben Christian for complete dedication to teaching. bcvxbcvbcxvbcv
  • Shri P.N.Naik for outstanding contribution to the Steel Industry for the last 60 years.

On 18th October 2001 at Samruddhi Hall, Nanpura, jointly with RC Udhna

Rotarian families of RC Udhna and Rotary Riverside were together at Samrudhi Hall on Thursday 18th October 2001 to present Vocational Awards jointly to:

  • Smt. Chandraprabhaben N. Bharatia for her selfless social service to women.
  • Rtn. Shantibhai Patel for Quality Casting and Precision Machinery.
  • Shri Parimalbhai Desai (Managing Trustee) of Sarvodaya Charitable Trust for hosting and educating the children who lost their parents during the earthquake.

On 24th October 2002 at Samruddhi Hall jointly with RC Udhna

  • Surat Manav Seva Sangh for providing food at a subsidized rate to the under privileged people at the civil hospital.
  • Shrimati Devyaniben Sheth in the field of Upliftment Of The Women Community Of Surat

The President of Reliance Industries – Mr. H.S. Kohli gave away the awards as the Chief Guest for the evening.

On 14th October 2003 at Sarosh Bhacca Rotary Hall, Jeevanbharti School

It was with great joy that at the last meeting, Vocational Awards were given to two people who have devoted their lives for the betterment of the society. In the meeting conducted by Vocational Director Rtn. Vaishali Chauhan:

  • The first award was given to Shri P.R.Chaudhary; the chief engineer of G.E.B. – South Zone. He has carried out an overall reformation of the G.E.B. activities, like continuous power supply to the industrial and urban feeders and reduction of transmission & distribution losses by carrying out mass checking drive all over his jurisdiction. He likes to see his employees work sincerely and does not tolerate corruption.
  • The second dignitary to receive this award was Shri Gopalbhai Bookseller who has dedicated his life for the upliftment of physically handicapped people. This quality was inborn in him; even as a child he wanted to do service for others and so joined his father in social work. He is also Gujarat’s first triple Diploma holder. In his life he has donated blood 58 times and has been recognized by S.M.C. for the same. He gives vocational guidance to physically handicapped people.

The awards were presented by Assistant Governor Rtn. Nitin Patel.
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On 18th October 2005 at Social Welfare Hall, Umra jointly with RC Surat Galaxy

Shree Mohanbhai Vaghela

1. A Great Believer in “Bahujan Hitay; Bahujan Sukhay”; “Prayasi” Shree Mohanbhai Vaghela was an awardee on Vocational Service Award Function organized by Rotary Surat Riverside Rotary Club of Surat Galaxy on 18-OCT-2005. He is associated with Literature, Education, Journalism and Administration has been a very honourable citizen of Surat.

Shree Ballubhai Desai

Shree Dilipbhai Marfatia

2. Shree Ballubhai Desai, City Engineer of Surat Municipal Corporation since June 2003 started his career as Junior Engineer in PWD of Govt. of Gujarat in June, 1972 and joined S.M.C. in June, 1976. He carries with him a very wide experience of Execution of Major Projects related to Water Supply, Cement Concrete Roads, Flexible Pavements, Bridges including River Bridges, Fly-Overs, ROBS, River Training Work, Building Works, Street Lights, Swimming Pools, Traffic Planning, City Gardens, etc. He also has very good experience of Arbitration (Techno as well as Legal aspects) in case of Disputed Matter in Construction Industry. He also has good command over Disaster Management, particularly during Floods in Surat and Earthquake in Bhuj in 2001. He was instrumental in Restoration of Water Supply within 24 hours after recession of floods in 1998. He was awarded by President of India in 1998 for 1991-Census Work.

3. Shree Dilipbhai Marfatia is a full time active social servant. He served as V.P. of South Guj. Truck Owner's Association & Co-Op. Soc., took active interest in Surat Railway Consultative Committee Member. He became an Elected Corporator of SMC in 1975, worked as committee member of various committees & standing committee; as well as Vice-Chairman of Public Works Committee and as Chairman of Housing & Garden Committee. He had been a trustee of Surat Charity Fund and as Honorary Treasurer of Sheth P. T. General Hospital from 1981 to 1996 and thereby involved in development of the hospital. He was main person instrumental in bringing in computer education in schools in whole of Gujarat, first English Medium Commerce College in South Gujarat, first Self-sufficient Degree Engineering College and in starting a Medical College for 150 students & 750-Bed Hospital through South Gujarat Medical Education Trust.

Smt. Nandiniben Shah

4. Smt. Nandiniben Shah - Principal of School for Blinds is the first lady from Surat to be awarded “GURJAR RATNA” on 1st May, 2005 [Gujarat Day]. She is associated with Education for the last 30 years. She is associated with Blood Donation (in fact, she has established a record by donating maximum no. of times among all women from Surat), Cancer Detection, Children's & Women's Upliftment, Committed Hindi & Sanskrit Language Promoter. She takes great interest in library activities.

Mr. Jashvantbhai Mehta – a renowned Real Estate Valuer of the town was the Chief Guest for the evening and was glad to do the honours.
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On 17th October 2006 at K.B.Marfatia Hall jointly with RC Udhna

With a view to set an example for the people at large, some distinguished personalities and institutions that have left no stone unturned in their work to occupy a special position in the hearts of millions around, were identified to be honoured, famed and recognized on Tuesday 17th October 2006, by Rotary Clubs of Udhna and Surat Riverside. at the K.B.Marfatia Hall. These distinguished personalities and institutions were:

  • GGCL Managing Director Shri M.P.Muralidharan - represented by Shri Rakesh Gandhi alongwith his technical & administrative team of Shri D.R.Mehta, Shri K.D.Bhojawala &Shri Leo Joseph. We all know the dedication, vision and commitment that the employees and the management of Gujarat Gas Co. Ltd. showed during the devastating floods. Shri Rakesh Gandhi made a spotless power point presentation of their strategy to counter the hopeless situation which earned them unparallel laurels. Having to close down the two gas distribution gates at Adajan which were submerged under 20 ft of water, it was a miracle that the gas supply was continued from Sachin and Palsana centres through satellites which were operated from higher floors of Adajan office which also was surrounded by water. He apprised the audience how they anticipated and planned for the worst situation,and ensured continuous supply also keeping in mind safety.Their committed team which attended thousands of leakage calls without going home for days at stretch has made us all proud.
  • Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Ltd - represented by its managing director and an honorary member of our club Shri G.K.Sinha. He started in his inimitable style of how low the expectations of the people were after experiencing the mal functioning of the erstwhile Gujarat Electricity Board. DGVCL was the worst sufferer both in terms of damage to the line and equipments and also in terms of managing with scanty staff as water rose to unbelievable heights in the areas of its supply and areas of its staff's residences. However, like GGCL, they also anticipated and worked on high spirits contemplating the worst disaster. They were, of course, supported by a total no. of 1400 workmen from Central and North Gujarat. The whole team worked from dawn to dusk for 15 days to repair and re-establish power supply not only till the electricity poles but right up to the homes which otherwise would have added to the miseries of the Suratis. Hats off to this dark horse company.
  • Shri Jagdishbhai M. Patel: The third personality to be honoured on this glittering eve was an educationalist cum columnist Shri Jagdishbhai. A teacher by profession, he has always strived for uplifting the general standards of education and has vehemently tried to imbibe in the youth the potential that an educated person has in building his/her future. He also lauded the commendable work done by GCCL & DGVCL.
  • Smt. Vikasben Desai: The fourth recipient of this prestigious award, in absentia,was Smt. Vikasben the additional director of health, Gujarat Government. Her role was of prime importance during the aftermath of flood where there was a high risk of epidemicbreaking out due to the deposition of tons of stinking garbage, mud and filth on the road. She rose to the occasion when the health of the people was at stake and advised meaningful methods of countering epidemic compounded from multiplicity of diseases. She went out of her line of dutyand played an extremely important role in preventing any large epidemics after the floods. We were unfortunate to have missed the oration of such a multifarious personality.
  • Tapovan Sanskar Dham & Vardhman Sanskar Dham: The fifth awardee was a combination of two social service organization viz Tapovan Sanskar Dham of Mumbai & Vardhman Sanskar Dham of Navsari managed by their trustees Shri Rameshbhai Chahwala and Shri Lalithbhai Dhami respectively.Out of their own resources, these organizations came to the rescue of the flood affected people of Surat. Distribution of food packets, water and milk initially and a complete household kit thereafter became the only survival resource for many amongst the affected. Monetary distribution to those whose entire house was washed away was the only bright spot in those dark and gloomy days for one and all.
  • Rtn. Devang Munim: We in Rotary engage in a very distinctive and quiet appreciative work of honouring one amongst us for the outstanding and remarkable achievement both in one's own vocation and in putting service above self. One such personality who not only has followed a very high ethical and professional standard, but has served the community in all its need, is none other than the most efficacious,humble, philantrophic and vivacious man Rtn. Devang Munimwhom we know as an indefatigable messiah of young and budding stars of tomorrow the Rotary sponsored youths an asset for the future. Professionally he has won many citations and recognitions for achieving highest all India sales from the manufacturer of products he sells. Going by the record of the past, he is the jewel in the crown for most of his parent companies. Rotary would have missed a great opportunity if the credentials of such a person would have gone unnoticed.

President Rtn. Dharmesh Chorawala of RC Udhna set the ball rolling by welcoming the guests and awardees. President Rtn. Rajesh Patel of RC Surat Riverside offered flowers to the awardees in order to recognize them.

The entire ceremony was marked by its masters viz. Ann Maharukh Chichgar of Udhna and Rtn. Mihir Shukla of Riverside whose spotless conduction left the audience spell bound. In the end, Rtn. Ajay Bhardwaj lighted the candle of thanks.

Report by IPP Rtn. Divyang Parikh
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On 24th October 2007 at Auditorium of Mahavir Cardiac Hospital

October being the month of Vocational Services, Rotary strives to identify and honour leading personalities of the community who have excelled in their profession and have set a leading example for others to emulate by contributing for the well being of the lesser fortunate sections of the society. These personalities earn goodwill and reverence through the dedication towards their vocations and the willingness to serve mankind.

One such attempt was made by Rotary Surat Riverside on Wednesday the 24th October 2007 to recognize and award two eminent figures: Smt. Chandraben Adhiya (mother of Rtn. Amit Adhiya) and our own member Rtn. Dr. Kuldeep Desai. The Auditorium Hall of Mahavir Cardiac Hospital, Athwagate was half occupied by the members, annes and annets of RSR who had gathered to witness these dignitaries being acknowledged for their achievements.

Smt. Chandraben Adhiya

Smt. Chandraben Adhiya – owner of Manilal Stores (a name to reckon with for school uniform supplies) was introduced by new Rtn. Chirag Thakkar as a super woman as she struggled her way upwards to take her business to newer heights after the untimely demise of her father. Having been brought up in a family with traditional background, Chandraben (the eldest of 3 sisters) gave up her medical admission in Bombay to please her illiterate, yet far-sighted mother & stepmother to carry forward the business legacy that her father had left. After years of hard work and the support of husband and sons, she managed to build an unmatched goodwill for her profession. She has also contributed hundreds of ‘fresh’ garments during calamity rehabilitation programs and other philanthropic endeavours of Rotary Surat Riverside.

Chandraben threw light on the adverse conditions from which she managed to survive in days when she was one of the only 9 girl students in K.P.COMMERCE College. Taking proud to be in a Rotary meeting, she advised all working women to try and give 100% in whatever they do.

Rtn Dr. Kuldeep Desai

Rtn. Dr. Kuldeep Desai – our very own star member & a silent worker was introduced by PP Rtn. Siddharth Shah. A very unassuming person Dr. Kuldeep was aptly named by her aunt to signify the ‘Lamp of the Family’ (Kuldeepak). And what more justice can one do than choosing the profession of imparting sight to the blind. Apart from operating more than 600 cataract patients for free, Dr. Kuldeep had travelled with our PP Rtn. Dr. Ajay Bharadwaj as a Rotary Volunteer to Ethiopia in 2004 to accomplish a remarkable step in community service of TRF. He has been instrumental in getting our club the much acclaimed Matching Grant Project of Free Cataract Surgeries. He has also given free ailments to needy patients in his eye clinic post check-ups in RSR organised eye camps in Dang, Vansda etc. His better half Ann Niyati also being an ophthalmologist has been her true partner in ‘Lend a Hand’ as she has worked relentlessly in all such camps.

Rtn. Kuldeep, in all his modesty accepted the award on behalf of Rotary as he believed that Rotary as a service organisation in itself deserved the recognition. A true example of ‘Service Above Self’.

The chief guest of the evening PDG Bharat Solanki gave away the trophies to the recipients and Chairman of Vocational Services - Rtn. JPS Grover honoured them with award certificates. PDG Bharatbhai in his inspiring speech congratulated both dignitaries and appealed the august gathering to adhere to the practice of The Four Way Test just as these noble personalities have done in their vocations.

On 6th October 2009 at Chamber Of Commerce

When individuals maintain high ethical standards and morals in their business or profession and thereby fulfill their accountability to the community, they deserve special felicitation by Rotary. Rotary Clubs are doing yeoman service not only by appreciating their contributions to the society but also showing the community the right type of life one should live.

The two Assistant Governors of Surat area - Sachin Shah & Jayesh Dhamanwala conceived an idea of bringing all 10 Rotary Clubs together for a joint Vocational Award presentation. Each club identified one recepient and 10 such worthy awardees were recognised on Tuesday 6th October 2009 at South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industries.

The awardees were:

  • Dr. Nanubhai Desai
  • Shri Bhogilal H. Bachkaniwala
  • Shri Lavjibhai D. Dalia (Badshah)
  • Ms. Ushaben Kothari
  • Shri Natubhai Karia
  • Shri Sunil Kanaiyalal Modi
  • Mrs. Shenaz H. Hilluwala
  • Shri Jayesh Chauhan
  • CHHAYDO as an institution

DG presenting award to Bhogibhai

10 Club Presidents & Awardees

The Vocational Award recepient Shri Bhogilal H. Bachkaniwala, Director of Himson Engineering Pct. Ltd is a very widely traveled & highly qualified technocrat who is connected with several public charitable institutions. He has been recepient of several awards for import substitution and export promotion from the Government and various associations. The emergence of Polyester textile industry in Surat is result of Shri Bhogibhai's engineering miracle. He is the pioneer in manufacturing texturising machine which boosted the textile industry in Surat tremendously. In spite of his busy schedule, he has been taking keen interest in development of several educational, cultural and social organisations.

AG Sachin Shah welcomed the guests, District Vocational Chairperson Rtn Hetal Mehta explained the importance of the award and DG Major S.K.Sharma presented the awards to the recepients in the jampacked hall of SGCCI. Presidents and Secretaries of the Rotary Clubs of Surat, Surat Roundtown, Surat Riverside, Udhna, Seaface, Surat West, Surat Galaxy, Surat Uptown, Sachin & Surat East introduced and welcomed the awardees. In response, they thanked Rotary for the recognitions and assured that they will continue to uphold the high ethical standards in their respective business or professions.

AG Jayesh Dhamanwala proposed the vote of thanks. Mrs. Maharukh Chichgar conducted the ceremony. PDGs Bharat Solanki, Bakul Joshi, Himanshu Thackar, Prafull Bhatt and Kulbandhu Sharma also graced the occassion.