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Youth Host

Inbound Youth Exchanges hosted by Rotary Surat Riverside

Maria - We hosted a bright student from Finland named Maria in the R.Y. 2003-04. She was here on a long term exchange tour against our first outbound exchange student.

Gauthier Camus - This French student was another exchange student hosted by RSR in 2003-04.

Candice Huang Weiwei - from RC Garden City, Singapore – RI Dist 3310 was here on a short exchange trip in the year 2003-04

Sarah - a short term exchange from South Africa was hosted for a couple of days for the district conference which was held in Surat in 2003-04

Ricoh - a long term student from Japan (original host – RC Nadiad) too was hosted during the district conference in Surat in 2003-04. She won everybody’s heart by learning & speaking our mother tongue Gujarati very quickly.

Clara - was hosted by RSR in the year 2004-05. She was sent by RC Ethaca Sunrise, New York (USA) from the RI Dist.7170 for a long term trip.

Jenny Roth - from RC Lake Country BC in RI Dist.5060 (USA/Canada) was the long term exchange student in 2005-06

Maura Welch - also from Uptown New York was the other student hosted by us in the RY 2005-06.

Hugo - was a short term exchange student from Brazil in the year 2006-07

Ronald Pleban - In 2006-07 this long term student from RC Oneonta (USA) – RI Dist 7170 was hosted by our club.

Caydine Crane - the long term exchange student from RC Revelstake Celowna BC – RI Dist 5060 in USA/Canada was the other long term student hosted in 2006-07

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