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Youth Sponsored

Outbound Exchange Candidates sponsored by Rotary Surat Riverside

International Youth Exchange

Diana Martin - daughter of Rtn. Stanley Martin went on long term to RC Davenport, IOWA, USA - RI Dist 6000 in the year 2002-03. She was one of the 39 students out of 900 to receive the Academic Award at her high school.

Donna Sharma - was another student sponsored by our club. She went on a long term exchange in the year 2002-03

Dishant Reshamwala - proposed by our member Rtn. Bankim Vashi was sponsored by RSR for a long term in 2003-04

Mithila Jariwala - daughter of our Rtn. Preeti Jariwala had a trip to RC Davenport, IOWA, USA – RI Dist 6000 in the year 2004-05. She is pursuing her further studies at Bangalore after returning back from her trip. Mithila wants to take up a career in mass communication. We wish her all the very best.

Neha Dhamanwala - daughter of our charter president Rtn. Jayesh Dhamanwala was exchanged for a long term with RC Ithaca Cayuga in Upstate New York (USA) - RI Dist 7170 in the year2004-05

Vasundhara Bharadwaj - In the Rotary year 2005-06 our chirping annet of PP Rtn. Dr. Ajay Bharadwaj went on a long term trip to RI Dist 6000 – IOWA, USA

Harsh Parikh - son of PP Rtn. Divyang Parikh was exchanged with RC Yakima – RI Dist 5060 (USA/Canada) in 2005-06

Vrundar Banker - daughter of Rtn. Akshay Banker was hosted by RC Rocky Point – RI Dist 7260 New York (USA)

Anvi K. Shah - daughter of a non Rotarian is sponsored by RSR for long term with RI Dist 7870, Upstate New York (USA) in the current year 2007-08. Anvi's photo was featured on the website of Rotary International on UN Day as the picture of the week with Rotarians of her host club RC Carlisle Sunrise.

Shruti P Patel - daughter of Rotarian Rajesh Patel's brother is sponsored by RSR for long term with RI Dist 7150, Upstate New York (USA) in the current year 2007-08. Both Shruti and Anvi are students of Lourdes Convent High School, Surat.

Parita Vashi - who has visited RI Dist 6000, IOWA (USA) for a long term exchange study in 2007-08 is the daughter of our President Nominee for 2010-11 Rtn. Bankim Vashi. Parita perforned the role of a psychiatrist doctor in her school play which was well appreciated. She also performed a semi classical dance which helped her school win the 3rd prize for the 1st time.

Shivani Pandya - is the daughter of our President Rtn. Sanjay Pandya and had gone on a short term tour to RI Dist 3100 Malaysia in 2007.

Nitigya Pachisia - annet of Rtn Brij Pachisia has been sponsored for a short exchange trip to RI Dist 3100 Malaysia in 2007

Dhwani Jariwala - is the daughter of our Past President Rtn. Mukund Jariwala who is currently on a long term exchange trip to RI Dist 7150. She has been hosted by RC Fayetteville Manlius in Upstate New York in USA

Krishna Mahadevwala - annet of Rtn Harish Mahadevwala is currently on a long term tour & is hosted by RC Alencon, Normandie in RI Dist 1640 France

Devki Desai - is the daughter of our new member Rtn Amita Desai. She is currently on a long term term exchange with RC Naperville, Chicago, Illinois (USA) in RI Dist 6450

Jay Kabutarwala - annet of new member Rtn Bipin Kabutarwala too is currently on a long term exchange trip to Brazil. He has been hosted by RC Join Ville, Santa Catarina in the Rotary District of 4650.

Shreya Jain - Daughter of Manoj Jain .. going for short term IYE to pargue..

Group Study Exchange

  • Our charter member Rtn. Anand Acharya was unanimously selected from our club as a GSE Team Leader Nominee to the outbound GSE team. He eventually passed the interview and led the GSE Team to Paris - Dist.1660.
  • Ms. Tejashree Marfatia, an applicant through our club too had been selected as a GSE Team Member to Paris - Dist.1660 which was led by our Rtn Anand Acharya.
  • Rtn Bankim Vashi visited Rotary District 1660 in France as a GSE team member when he was selected for this exchange program by RC Udhna in the Rotary Year 2000.
  • Our club has beenactively participating in GSE and once again in 2001-02, we selected a candidate for the outbound GSE team from our Dist 3060 to Dist 1190 - England in May 2002. The enterprising & dynamic candidate was Ms. Vaishali Patel who is from the media and is a prominent reporter of a local TV channel.

Rotary Friendship Exchange

PP Jayesh Dhamanwala – We had sponsored the name of our Charter President Dhamanwala Jayesh for a Rotary Friendship Exchange program. The Dist. RFE chairman Devang Munim had received numerous applications for the four countries viz. USA, Mexico, South Korea and New Zealand for which, an interview was held. Our Charter President Rtn Jayesh & Ann Nita were selected for a trip to the RI Dist.5100, Oregon - USA.